In Development

We always try to challenge ourselves with new projects. Read more about what we've got coming down the pipeline.

TABS Season 2

A recent grad with nothing to do in Manhattan tries to become a better person with mixed success.

Creative Directors:
India Choquette & Elsa GibsonBraden

Understanding James

Sophie re-lives a breakup over and over again as she grapples with the meaning of her relationship.

Creative Director:
Julia Leach

Maple Baby

A too young almost mother must build a life for herself and her future child doing the only thing she knows how: making maple syrup.

Creative Director:
India Choquette

The Bell Ringer

A wandering hero maintains the harmony of the spheres by banishing malevolent spirits called The Dissonant with music as her weapon.

Creative Director:
Ashleen Wicklow

Peter's Kill

Each week, Peter, an average go-lucky American man, has to choose out of 5 contestant who he will kill.

Creative Director:
Elsa GibsonBraden

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